5 hydroponic Quick Growing Plants. Easy and suitable for beginners

What hydroponics plants are fast, fast maintenance and suitable for beginners? This may have been asked by netizens especially with increasing trends for planting at home since there is a pandemic. One of the objectives is clear to enjoy the vegetables and fruits grown alone.

Gardening is also thought to make the feeling more relaxed. That’s what makes a lot of people try gardening with a pinch of capital. Especially with this hydroponic technique we do not need to provide extensive land, just using the page in our house or can also make use of the roof of the house.


Before trying to get planted using a hydroponic system, we need to know the various advantages and disadvantages behind it. Also understand the various techniques that can be selected according to conditions. In addition, there are a variety of examples of hydroponic plants that are rapidly growing. Let’s see more explanation!

Advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic methods

Save Place

The advantages of hydroponics are save place

Hydroponic plants do not need soil. So we don’t need to have a large page to plant it. Simply provide Paralon or water filled containers. Obviously this can save more places. Moreover, hydroponic plants can be compiled until terraced.


Energy saving

Energy efficient using hydroponic techniques

If you choose hydroponic plants, we do not have to bother to cultivate the land. There is no need to water the plants every day, because the soil is already enviable. The harvest process is also simpler. Overall, the energy spent on treating hydroponics plants is less than ordinary plants.

Crop growth is faster and harvest results are more likely

Harvest more and faster harvest

Although it rarely requires fertilizer, the crop yields of hydroponics can be more. The growth is also faster than the plant in general because it is flowing with water at all times. Not less important, hydroponic plants are not affected by the weather. So we can keep planting in hot and cold weather. However, make sure the hydroponic plants are placed in places that are not exposed to rain.


Plants free of pesticides

Because it uses water media, the risk of pests and diseases will be smaller. So we dont need to use harmful pesticides. This could make the plant healthier and more natural. When consuming the harvest, we are also free from feelings of worry.

Can require large capital

Hydroponic systems can be done with their capital. But if you want to have large scale gardening, it takes a lot of capital. Because we have to buy equipment, supplies, and take maintenance costs. Moreover, the official tool for hydroponics is still difficult to obtain.

High accuracy required

Compared to ordinary plant systems, hydroponics are still rare. So we have to learn from reliable sources. It takes high accuracy to do so precisely. We should thoroughly observe and control the nutrients given to plants, including the pH acidity level. If the way to plant it is not precise, the results obtained is less maximum.


Hydroponic Engineering Techniques

There are several ways to create a hydroponic plant, preferably select the technique according to the ability and condition

Axis system or Wick

Hydroponic axis Technique (wick)

Compared to others, the most easy axis system is done so it is suitable for beginners. All it takes is two containers, consisting of one for the water shelter and another for the planting medium. Connect the two containers with an axis made of Coco Coir, vermiculite, or perlite. The wick will drain the nutrients from the container of water to the plant-filled containers.


Drip or irrigation systems

Hydroponic DRIIP System

It is a simple hydroponic plant system that is often used by various circles. We need one container for planting media and one more container for water shelter. Both are connected with water pumps and nutritional pumps. If pressed, the pump will shed nutrients on the roots of the plant.

Tidal system

Hydroponic Tidal system

This is very popular among people who take care of a home hydroponic plant. How? Prepare several containers containing plants. Connect all the containers using pipes. We must also connect it with a timer controlled water pump. Automatically, the pump will deliver water to the plant container to a certain height. Then the water will recede if the pump is turned off.


Floating raft system

Hydroponic floating raft

The system is a modern hydroponic farming way. The way, place the plant on the styrofoam that has been dibolongi. Then put all the Styrofoam in a container filled with water. So the plant roots can float above the nutrient solution. Practically also yes! However, the soil roots are prone to rot because they are always flooded.

5 types of hydroponic crops that quickly harvest and maintain easy to fit for beginners


The fern

Pakchoy easy maintenance and fast harvest suitable for beginners

This vegetable is suitable for stir cooking. Now you don’t need to buy it anymore, just grow your own with hydroponic methods. Make sure that the plant gets enough water flow and nutrients. About 20 days after planting, you can already harvest Pakcoy. This herb is recommended for beginners.


The hydroponic method is easy for beginners

This vegetable can grow in soil and water media. So the Kangkung is suitable for planting with a hydroponic system. The growth is also relatively fast. You can already harvest it in 4-6 weeks! The quality of the hydroponics Kangkung plant is also better than the usual kangkung.



Hydroponic celery

Celery fits live in water media. You can plant it with a floating raft hydroponic system. Like Kangkung, celery can already be harvested within 4-6 weeks. Harvesting can be repeated every 5-6 days. The way, unplug the celery from the container used. Then separate celery to be replanted.


Tomato hydroponic plants that are easy to plant

Don’t need extensive land to plant tomatoes. With pots and paralons, you can already take care of a tomato hydroponic plant. The taste and nutrient content are also maintained. After the tomato seeds are soed and planted, you need time 2-3 months to harvest them.



Simple Hydroponics Chili

Before planting, chili pepper should be sprayed first. Then move on the planting medium that usually uses charcoal husk. Do not forget to flow water periodically so that the roots get nutrients. Then when can you enjoy the results? You can harvest hydroponic chili plants If you enter the age of 80-90 days. The best time to harvest is morning and afternoon.

That is a variety of hydroponic plants that can be quickly harvested, the treatment is easy and suitable for beginners. If planting on a small scale, the results can be eaten alone. It must be satisfied because we have spent a lot of time and effort to care for it. Then how about planting on a large scale? Because the results are more, you can share them with other people or sell them. It’s OK to make money from gardening hobbies!

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