7 This animal says it can bring luck to its owner! Really? See the fact

Ever heard of animals that he said could bring good luck to the owner? A few years ago many people who nurture arowana fish that is said to be said can bring good luck to the owner. But really like that?


Animals are one of the creatures that can be made friends by humans. Some animals are deliberately nourished by humans to calm their days or to entertain them while they are alone.

Various animals that can be used as friends are cats, dogs, rabbits and many more. But sometimes animals are not only kept as friends.

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Animals believed to be a lucky bearer for their owners



Cats bring good luck to their owners

For the Japanese, cats are good luck-carrying animals. Cat statue called Maneki Neko. This cat statue has one foot that is always bobbing like calling. This statue usually can be found in shops, restaurants, warteg and so on.

Koi Fish

Koi Fish bring good luck

Japanese people also call Koi fish as Maneki Neko. Whoever keeps this fish can bring a disadvantage to the owner.


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