7 Funniest Things People do When Bored in Self Quarantine

Currently the world is in a stir with the Corona Virus or Covid-19. To prevent the Corona Virus from spreading, the government of every country in the world has instructed to lockdown. every unauthorized citizen is prohibited from leaving the house.

Almost everybode get bored at this moment, they stuck at their home and do nothing. but there are creative people out there who try to make us laugh when boredom strikes.

Here’s 7 Funniest Thing People do When Bored in Self Quarantine

  • Make a Cute Fish using Money!
  • Using Cardboard to make a toy
  • Decorate toilet
  • Be Creative with Egg
  • Well you can do useless things like this also..
  • Imagine you’re on the train right now. be creative go to your toilet and try this it will kill your boredom trust me
  • Try a New Hairstyle

So how about you? What do you do in this self quarantine??

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