7 Hydroponic ornamental plants to beautify Your house

Hydroponic ornamental plants to beautify any home huh? There are many types of hydroponic ornamental plants that can beautify your garden at home, for those who have a hobby of gardening and planting in the house is certainly no stranger with the name of ornamental plants such as Aglonema or Suplir.

Besides beautiful to be displayed in the yard there are also types of ornamental plants suitable to be stored in the House, function besides being able to keep the air circulation can also give a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Being a fairly important part of hydroponic ornamental plants is its shape and placement.

If your page is less spacious or even just enough to park your motorbike, don’t worry. Hydroponic ornamental plants can be arranged in shelves that are increasing or by hanging.


These 7 types of suitable hydroponic ornamental plants are stored in the room

The tongue in law

Ornamental plant tongue in law

Ornamental plants tongue-in-law (not the tongue-in-law yes!) or other names Snake Plant. This plant has its own function as a poison absorber, its distinctive shape also makes it easy to recognize. Suitable to be put in the room other than as an ornament also as an absorbent poison. Incidentally I myself already proved by putting the plant tongue-in-law in the House.



Ornamental plant supplier in the house

Suplir is a popular nail plant for room decoration or garden belonging to the Adiantum clan, which belongs to the child of the Vittarioideae tribe, the Pteridaceae tribe name “Suplir” is an adaptation of chevelure (pronounced ʃəv. lyʁ from French, meaning “all hair on the head”), a name introduced by the Dutch during

This ornamental plant is already popular in the 1990-an era. Maintenance of the adiantum as an ornamental plant should pay attention to watering. The drought experienced adiantum causes the leaves to dry and roll. It cannot be solved by watering because the dried leaves cannot be recovered.

The handle is to remove all the dry and close to the rhizome of the medium and replace the media grow. Within a few days new shoots will appear if the treatment is done properly.



Most searched ornamental plant Diellasulaiman

Aglaonema is often also known as the Sri Rejeki plant. His unique name makes this plant really popular among the people. Almost all people who like gardening have aglaonema in his house.

Aglaonema is classified as an ornamental plant with beautiful leaves. The appeal of this plant is the color and pattern of the leaves that are rolled. Aglaonema has a variety of colors ranging from neutral to white, to striking colours like red.

Aglaonema is easy, you just have to put it in the area that is exposed to sunlight immediately like the window to be well developed. That way you can stay aglaonema even in the house.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of its color, Aglaonema can also function to clean the air and absorb toxins found in the air around the house.



Sunflower is suitable to beautify your home

There may be many people who think that sunflower can only be planted on land, but it can also be cultivated with a hydroponic system. You can change the planting media used with charcoal husk.

Place the seeds of the sunflower into the pot or on a stacked shelf. You can cultivate this ornamental plant inside the house in order to support home interior decoration. Read more about how to grow a sunflower at home.

You can put the sunflower near the window in order to be able to get enough sunlight. For watering and nutrients, you only have to do it once a day.

Now you need to go all the way to enjoy the beauty of the sunflower because it is in the room of the house. The glowing yellow color will make your home decoration look more attractive.


Keladi Red Star

Keladi Red Star Fit to be put inside the house

The uniqueness of this variety of hydroponic ornamental plants is the color of the leaves are very beautiful and wide. Keladi Red Star has green colored leaves that combine with red color.

Keladi Red Star You can make as an ornamental plant capable of beautifying home decor. For maximal results, we recommend placing Red Star Keladi plants in places exposed to sunlight immediately.

If there is a shortage of sunlight, this plant can change color to paler. The thing that can certainly interfere with the growth system


Spider Plant

Ornamental plants in the home of Spider plant

Spider plant is a variety of plants that are famous as a room cleaner so the air around feels clean and fresh. This is what makes Spinder plant much put in the room.

Spider plant is suitable cultivated in urban areas because it can reduce air pollution and can save land use because in the urban nowadays there are many vacant land in the yard.

Spider plant is a plant originating from Africa with unique leaf characteristics such as spider and have a sharp physical form with a variation of the length of 20-40 cm., Spider Plant become a type of hydroponic ornamental plants that have a beautiful look and have many benefits.

Spider plant treatment includes easy, you just need to flush it. Spinder plant is placed in pots placed in the corner of the room or hanging.

With this plant, all chemicals that fly in the air can be cleaned. In addition, if there is unpleasant smell in the house, Spinder plant will immediately absorb it.

This makes the house dwellers can feel more relaxed and calm. In the evening Spinder plant is also beneficial to repel mosquitoes.


Yellow Palm

Yellow Palm hydroponic Ornamental plant

Yellow Palm is the type of hydroponic ornamental plants originating from Africa precisely the islands of Madagascar. In the natural habitat, yellow palms are able to grow to a height of about 6 meters. But if planted at home, usually the maximum is only less than 3 meters.

Yellow palm can be cultivated with a hydroponic system so that it can be used as a suitable ornamental plant to be put in the house. The characteristic of yellow palm is very interesting, because this plant has a beautiful shape and color.


If you have any hydroponic ornamental plants stored inside the house?

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