How to Plant aloe Vera at home suitable for beginners

How to plant aloe vera? You must be a foreign GA with plants that have a Latin name of Aloe Vera’s, in Indonesia, Aloe vera so one of the plants that are widely cultivated. Surely you often hear how rich the benefits of Aloe Vera start for health and beauty up to garnish. Aloe vera is often used as a basic ingredient for the processing of food or beverages.

How to plant aloe vera is not as difficult as imagined, however, not many know how to plant aloe vera correctly. Many media can be used to plant aloe vera to flourish. Not only in the yard, Aloe vera can also be planted in a lo house! Let’s not go foul or dry, try to practice the way of planting aloe vera through some of these methods.


Methods of planting aloe Vera at home

How to Plant aloe vera from the leaves (Setek tongue Buay)

How to Plant aloe vera from the leaves is quite often done. This method is called Aloe vera cuttings

This method with Aloe vera is suitable to apply if you want to plant aloe vera to be put in the room. But, this way is only recommended if you dont want the results of the saplings again to be developed. Moisture is an important factor that determines the fertility of aloe vera if it is planted with leaf cuttings technique. Let’s not confuse, here’s the steps:

  • Choose a leaf or stem of aloe at least eight centimeters in size as the plant seed.
  • How to cut aloe vera should also be considered. Cut it at the base by using a clean, sharp knife and hover from top to bottom so that the leaves don’t get damaged.
  • The aloe vera leaves have to be silent for two weeks in a warm place to minimize infection. If you have started to form a thin layer in pieces, new deh can be worn.
  • Use perforated pots to facilitate the circulation of water. For the ground, you can mix it with a bit of sand and gravel to make the aloe grow more fertile.
  • If the planting medium is ready, plug the aloe vera leaves into the ground and enter up to one third of the part. Before, you can dip the leaves into honey or cinnamon powder so that the bacteria die.
  • Place the aloe in a warm place and try the soil in a damp state. If the soil is completely dry.

How to plant aloe vera without roots

How to plant aloe without root can be practiced if you have the anuses

Choose the superior quality aloe vera that is shown in the absence of black spots or stains on the leaves surface. Plant Aloe Vera Using this tiller you can do with two media: Pot or polybag. Well, in order to make aloe vera growth successful, you must prepare the dry soil that has been placed on the soil media.

Preparing the planting media already, it’s time to plant aloe vera directly using the saplings. How easy is it, just plug the aloe vera to the planting media that has been prepared. Well, flush aloe vera with a little water so that its roots are not easily foul. In addition, you also have to give them an organic fertilizer of two grams per-polybag every two weeks. Do not forget, pay attention to the intake of sunlight in your tongue plant.


Direct Aloe Vera plant techniques without containers

If there is enough land, aloe vera can be directly planted on the ground without a container. Compared to others, this is a much easier way to practice

Unfortunately, not all soils can be immediately used to plant aloe vera. You must choose a land whose soil structure is a bit sandy and clean from wild grass plants. With this method, you can use Aloe vera tongue as the bibitis. However, seedlings that can be planted directly to the ground must be at least three to four months old. So, before you have to prepare aloe vera in the polybag.

If the seedling age is strong enough, prepare the land by digging 20 × 20 centimeters. If the land area is often flooded, then you must make a ditch so that water does not disturb the growth of aloe vera. All are ready, now just enter compost or organic fertilizer to the soil and planting the tongue seeds.


Planting Aloe Vera using Polybag

By using polybag alone, you can plant aloe vera without pot. More practical and concise of course.

Make sure you have selected the right polybag size so that the aloe Vera growth is uninterrupted. Because, generally aloe vera will sprout up to 10 centimeters. Hence, you must prepare a deeper polybag and 20-senti diameter so that aloe Vera can develop well without fulfilling the land. For media planting, actually you can use dry land, but if not there, try to mix the sand and manure. Alternatively, it can also mix sand, pumice, and Perlit.

Once you are ready, you can plant aloe to be fertile by following the steps below:

Take aloe vera tongue or a small size. Try to find fresh seeds and do not have black spots in the leaves
. Plug Aloe vera like planting other crops. Make sure aloe does not enter too deep but do not get shallow too. Because, if it is too deep or too shallow, the root of Aloe vera will instead rot. I’ve been cared for, but not too often.


How to plant hydroponic aloe vera

Recently, the way of planting hydroponic aloe Vera also began to be practiced a lot. He said, this way could make aloe vera grow more lush lo!

Before planting aloe Vera, you must make the charcoal husk used as the medium of the plant. Make a chimney using a wire, then place the husk around it. Insert the paper into the chimney and burn. Wait up to four to six hours until the flame of the paper has changed color. If it is blackened, immediately flush so as not to dust. Well, this burning result is later used to plant aloe vera. If the husk is ready, just have to plant the tongue. Here’s how:

  • Prepare a one-liter vial and then cut it in half and give it a fuse on the lid.
  • Insert the charcoal husk in the bottle in reverse position and then plug the seeds of aloe vera in the media.
  • Make sure you’ve added a bit of sand in the chaff so that the aloe is much more fertile.
  • Although unique, how to plant this hydroponic aloe vera is the same with other methods. Generally, at the age of four to six months, aloe leaves can already be harvested lo!

The tools and materials to plant aloe vera is not hard to find. You can make use of every item in the house. For example, there is no pot, you can use the bucket that has been covered before. So, no need to worry and get confused anymore, because there are many ways of planting aloe in the house that can be tried. Well, just practice what suits your needs and capacity. Good luck, yes!

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