How to replant carrot leftovers kitchen in Polybag

Planting carrot leftovers in Polybag? Maybe still anyone asks how do I replant the residual waste carrot? Do not dispose of the remaining carrots of your kitchen, because the tip or hump carrots can still be planted and can live both in pots and polybags.

When you have a gardening hobby, there are a variety of ways to plant carrots at home. Check out the following ways.

How to plant residual carrots in Polybag
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How to plant residual carrot

How to replant the remaining carrot is very easy, just take advantage of the top of the carrot, where the stem and carrot leaves grow. As easy as possible, the following ways can be done by even children to improve their love of crops and raise hobby in gardening.


But keep in mind, the meaning of planting carrots from this carrot is only a carrot plant that is the leaves and flowers while our usual carrot root consumption will not grow.

Choose a pot or a fairly deep polybag.

Look for pots that have a depth of at least 30 cm or more. Carrots grow downwards and the root system requires a lot of space to grow. Pots should also have a good drainage hole so that excess water can come out of the pot so that the carrot does not rot.

You can use any type of pot as long as it has sufficient depth. You can use plastic pots, clay, or rocks. You can also choose a round or planter-shaped pot (the planting container that is usually placed in a garden) in a large square shape.


Selecting Planting Media

Choose a loose growing media and easily drain water. You can use planting media that contains soil or without soil.

To make planting media containing soil, try using a mixture of red soil, compost that has been degradable, and sand with the same comparison.

Carrots can grow in the dry season and also in the rainy season so do not affect the technique that you use is planting with pots. One of the most important things is the media that should be fertile and crumbly, then have nutrients and the pHnya should be around 6 – 7.

For more details see the Video above from the Channel Budi Setiawan Ya!

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