How to create a simple Face Shield for self protection from Covid-19

A few days later gudindo a lot of looking at the product creative products that appear in the online market to keep themselves from corona viruses, ranging from disinfectant, hand sanitizer, cloth mask, and the latest is face shield.


Face Shield is an infection control that provides the protection of the facial area, the light and comfortable face Shield to cover the face to the ear so as to minimize the droplet exposure of the patient. The Frame also closes the face thoroughly until it covers the ear.

From various online news portals There are a lot of news about face shield distribution for medical personnel, for example a teenager makes a face shield using PLA and mica plastics. He made him use a 3D Printer machine and scissors cutter. The priest has made dozens of protective faces and the results have been distributed for free to the medical team in several hospitals and clinics.


When using Faceshield do not forget to stick with the mask yaa


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