How to plant tomatoes from seeds to make much fruit using hydroponic technique

How to plant tomatoes by sprayed seeds to produce a lot of fruit? Well on the Kesempatakn this time Gudindo will share trick how to easily plant tomatoes using hydroponic techniques at home.

Since the time of this pandemic most people start to undergo a hobby of planting farming at home, in addition to expel the boredom of course this can also help to increase the security of family food, many types of vegetable plants that are easy to be planted by beginners, one of which is tomato. Not only the process of planting plants, tomatoes are also easy to maintain. Even in three months you can already harvest it, here are tips and tricks to plant tomatoes hydroponically in the house to be fruitful.


Tomato planting techniques in home to be fruitful much

How to plant tomatoes for beginners using seeds from seeds

The main thing to note is the selection of the fruit. Avoid using hybrid tomatoes as much as the fruit and seeds are contaminated with chemical substances

  • Select the tomato fruit that you want to take the seeds, then divide it into two parts. Grab the seeds with a spoon and put in a clean bowl.
  • Do the fermentation process by settling the tomatoes for 2 to 3 days to prevent the disease when it is planted again. After completion, wash with clean water that has been added vinegar and salt. Select the seeds and discard the floats and dry them.
  • Put the dried tomato seeds into the plastic then store them in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks. Tebar 2 to 3 seeds of tomato seeds in the pot then cover with soil. After a week old, the new tomatoes can be watered.
  • Keep the tomatoes in a warm place and if it has grown about 4 to 5 cm immediately move it to the garden and then flush it regularly. After 70 days usually tomatoes will be ready to harvest.

How to plant tomatoes in pots

How to plant tomatoes in the pot is almost similar to how to plant tomatoes in a polybag. The difference is that in the pot can be placed 2 to 3 seeds, is in the polybag only one seed. Here’s how to plant tomatoes in a super practical pot.

  • Mix the soil and manure with a comparison of 1:1 then place the tomato seeds in the box and store them in the shade. Wait until the age of one month and tomatoes start to appear strands.
  • Prepare the medium of plants, namely pots with a mixture of fertile soil and compost with a ratio of 1:1. When ready, enter the seeds of tomatoes that begin to appear strands into the planting medium. During this planting process, tomatoes must be given compost to be able to flourish and dive every day.
  • If it has started to grow, plug the bamboo next to the tomato as the media of the vines. Usually, after 60 to 90 days the tomato can be harvested.

How to plant tomatoes easily for beginners using hydroponic techniques in Polybag

This method of planting tomatoes with this technique is often used as a way to grow tomatoes to fruit many lo! Here’s the easy step.

  • Before planting, tomato seeds should be soed first so that they can be used as seeds. In the way, dry the seeds and put them in a small plastic container that contains the chaff for approximately two months. If it has grown to about 15 cm, the new tomatoes can be moved to the actual land.
  • Prepare charcoal that has been burned and put in a polybag or pot as much as 2 kg. Put the polybag in the greenhouse with the distance between the pot about 30 to 40 cm so that the tomato is not tangent to each other.
  • Unplug the pot from the Semai benih Bangsa Media and move it to the planting medium. Be careful not to let the roots break. Put the seeds into the polybag and make sure the position is perpendicular and no part is folded.
  • Do watering together with fertilization every 7 a.m. and 4 pm. For fertilizer, it is good to use a special for hydroponics, for example nutrients AB Mix or Lewatin HD-5.
  • After two months of planting, usually tomatoes will begin to bear fruit. If already red can be picked by using scissors so that the tomatoes can be fruitful once again. Generally, in 10 months tomatoes can bear fruit twice, but after that must be replaced new seedlings because if grown will surely be easy to die.
  • The tomato harvest is actually no need to be washed, just wipe it and can be directly processed or stored in a plastic container. But for certain cases, tomatoes should be washed first before consumption.

How to plant tomato hydroponics using used bottles

In fact, this method is the same as planting other hydroponic tomatoes, but will be more challenging because it must prepare more planting media. You can read the tricks of making hydroponic planting media using used bottles in previous posts,

You can use Aqua bottle or other mineral water drink bottle as a medium of the plant. It can also save land use.

  • Do seeding the seeds as usual and prepare the plant media first. Cut the second bottle into two parts and then fill the bottom with hydroponic nutrients and the top with planting medium, ie charcoal or foam husk. Do not forget to give a hole in the bottle cap as a place for later and give the hole next to the bottle for the air line and the root of the tomato.
  • Move the seeds that have been soed to the plastic bottles. Place the seed on the head of the bottle by making sure the tomato roots touch the wick. Add a bit of planting media until the tomato stem is buried.
  • Pour a bit of hydroponic nutrients and make sure to soak all the bottle heads and axis fabrics. For the wick, can use flannel cloth to keep the air circulation good but nutrients can be absorbed.
  • Place these bottles in places that do not have rainwater and direct sunlight. If you start to appear flowers, immediately plant the rope so that the tomato plants stand upright. Wait until the tomato is red and harvest by rotating the fruit or scissors the tip.

How to plant tomatoes in the garden

This way tends to be easier because the spacing can be adjusted. But make sure you really choose the fertile land so the growth is not disturbed

Here are the steps to planting tomatoes in a field that farmers often do on a plateau.

  • Prepare the garden to be planted. Make sure to be free from weeds and flatten the soil to simplify the planting process. If necessary, the ground hoe to loose and form a bewith. Then let stand for one week.
  • Soak the seeds with Herbafarm fertilizer that has been mixed with water for one minute. If already, flush the nutrients to the media and then sow the seed.
  • Once the tomatoes start to grow for approximately 10 cm, move to the garden that has been sprayed with Herbafarm at a dose of 3 bottles of water per 14 liter tank for land of 500 m². For treatment, tomatoes can be sprayed as needed but try to apply Herbafarm fertilizer on day 7, 14, 21, and 28.
  • Usually after one to two months of planting, tomatoes will begin to bear fruit. Wait until the red color is then quotation and consumption.

How to grow tomatoes in plastic is still possible. The method is equal to planting tomatoes using a polybag. No need to be confused about the treatment, as long as the soil is quite damp, tomatoes will not be easy to die. Make sure that there are no other pests or plants around the tomato so that growth is not interrupted, yes!

Hopefully the tips and tricks of planting tomatoes for beginners can be beneficial for you yes.

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