Avocado Splasher for fast cooked

How to make avocado to get cooked? As we know avocados include fruit that can not mature trees, so should be plucked and stored until cooked or diperam. This maturation process occurs due to the presence of ethylene gas issued by the fruit. So the more ethylene gas that is covering it, the sooner the fruit is ripe. Well, not just an avocado lo who has a gas ethylene, another fruit like apples and bananas also have it.

Continue how to splash the avocado so that the eyes are evenly distributed and not rotten quickly? Some of the tricks and ways below are worth trying out yes!

NB: It would be better if the avocado that will be cured still raw with the skin characteristics of the fruit is still fresh green. But if it’s half cooked, the length of storage can adjust, yes!


5 easy ways to get your avocado to mature faster

Splasping Avocado Using rice

This method is a way of splasping avocado that has been used by Indonesian people since long ago. The trapped ethylene Gas plus the warm temperature in the rice can make the avocado fast cooked. Papaya, banana and mango can also be lo matted by this method. If you don’t use rice, you can replace it with flour.

How to put rice into a container that has been prepared until half full. Put the avocado on the rice, then reinsert the rice until it buried the avocado. Close the container until the meeting, then take avocado after 2-3 days.


Splasping Avocado Using tissue

The end of the stem of the avocado fruit is that the troughs are rotten because they readily contaminated the air and bacteria from outside. Well, this will maximize the maturation of the fruit by minimizing the decay that often starts from the tip of the fruit.

How to cut the tip of the stem to stimulate the exit of ethylene gas. The former pieces were closed with tissues and duct tape to prevent the oxidation that makes the fruit flesh rot. Save in the dark space, then check the results after about 2 days.


Avocado piercing with toothpick

Avocado piercing with toothpick is believed to make avocado lebi fast cooked

Why be stabbed? So, injuring the fruit will accelerate the process of maturation of fruit. For example, the fruit that is bruising will surely be faster than others. Well, this toothpick serves to replace the stalk. Supposedly, avocados still feel there in the tree so mature faster. Although it sounds strange, this way is proven to make fruits quickly cooked, often practiced on jackfruit and Sawo. This is quite easy, but the drawback is that the meat in the former puncture will be slightly blackened.

How to pour the cleaned toothpick on the stem of the fruit until it penetrates into the avocado seeds. Then let stand in the dark place about 2-3 days until tender.


Save avocado with other ripe fruit with tightly wrapped

The ethylene Gas released by the ripe fruit will accelerate the avocado maturation process. You can use banana fruit, apples, tomatoes, or papaya. But if for example no fruit above, just enter the avocado into a sealed paper bag can also be an alternative.

Enter the avocado along with one of the fruits: bananas, apples, tomatoes, or papaya into the paper bag. Wrap the meeting and store in a closet. Open the bag after 2 or 3 days later.

Splash avocado with Oven or Microwave

How to splash avocado in the oven

In the oven or microwave, the fruit is heated to a high temperature so that the meat is tender. But the result will be different from the flavor of avocado that was cured in the previous ways. So it is better to be cooked or processed again, not to be eaten directly.


How to splash avocado with an oven:

Preheat oven to moderate temperature. Wrap the avocado with aluminum foil, then heat it in the oven for about 10 minutes.

How to splash avocado with a microwave:

Heat the microwave at a moderate temperature. Avocado skewers with forks. Alasi microwave plates with a tissue or cloth and place an avocado on top. Heat until cooked.

Some techniques and ways of splasping avocados above certainly have varying levels of success depending on the diperam avocado, room temperature, and also the process of it. All you need to note is the avocado condition, whether the avocado is still raw or half-baked. It is to determine how long the avocado will be stored. Because if it is too often checked avocados are being diperam, ethylene gas will escape thus slowing the process of maturation of avocado.

Well, if there is a piece of ripe avocado that will not be consumed, you can keep it in the refrigerator by soaking it first in the juice of lemon water to inhibit oxidation, do not forget to put in an airtight container.

Hopefully tips and tricks how to splash avocado above can be useful yes

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