This is the secret of storing vegetables and groceries to stay fresh longer


How to save vegetables and groceries to stay fresh longer especially in the present day where we are very restricted to out of the house due to the corona virus outbreak, it is certainly wiser to not go out shopping to the market every day.

Having a vegetable stock for a week or more is a smart solution because you do not have to buy vegetables every day to the market in the case of Corona virus outbreak as it is today.

In addition to saving time, you have the planning of any vegetable that will be processed every day. This is effective enough to help you prepare a more varied and healthy feeding menu for your beloved family members during the #dirumahaja


Storing vegetables and groceries for longer lasting

Then, how to get around for the vegetables to last longer and stay fresh? Well, for now you do not feel worried, because there are tips to save vegetables to be more durable and not easily wither.

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Choose vegetables Intelligently

The savvy that is meant to be by buying vegetables that fit the list and needs in addition make sure to bless vegetables daam fresh condition and avoid buying vegetables that are not needed.


Vegetables that have not been fresh when purchased will tend not to last long. In addition, the thoroughness in buying vegetables should also be ensured. Do not get any holes that are hollow or foul before purchase.

Freshly bought vegetable wash

If all the vegetables needed have been purchased then do not forget to get the vegetables immediately. And in the vegetable wash look at the color of the vegetable, grouping vegetables by type. For example green vegetable groups, carrots, potatoes, radish, mustard, hing Alabu Siam.


Once grouped by type, wash the vegetables one by one to make it properly clean, and especially for the vegetables that are easily washed hanay Peruvian enough. After all the washed vegetables do not directly stored Naun must be drained first so that water when washing properly dry properly.

Storing vegetables for longer lasting

How to keep vegetables and groceries last longer

Once cleared it is time to save our groceries so that the stock is awake and last longer. Need to be very concerned for the present. See tips from the following Asahid Tehyung

Tips for storing groceries
Capture video screen from Asahid & Tehyung
  • Chicken, fish (wash clean lime juice) prawns (clean wash), lime leaves (guns need to be washed), meatballs, nuggets, store in freezer
  • Onion & Garlic (guns need to be peeled), macaroni store at room temperature
  • Green chilies, curly chilies, cayenne pepper (flue stem, cover tissu garlic Love) tomatoes (cover tissu), lime, tofu, vegetable kale, toge (clean wash & flush water), sweet corn, brown sugar, ginger, turmeric, galangal, kencur, Abon, Sprinkle, sukade, green tea powder, vanilla, sesame sangrai, nata de coco, walnuts, roasted peanuts, almond slice, basil seed, white sesame, Choco chips, meises Ceres store in refrigerator (chiller)

Saving vegetables and spices for longer lasting tips from kitchen RiRi

  • The leeks are washed clean stems and leaves.
  • Ditirisin until the water is gone.
  • Cut the pieces according to size tastes.
  • Store in a closed container, then stored in the freezer.
  • Stay in the room before being worn.

Also apply for celery leaves, leaf leaves, orange leaves. But the leaves of greetings and the leaves are not sliced.

Kalo Mau Cook me directly cemplungin usually without being dicairin first. Unless the reply Mau chopped smaller again, I diemin sampe not frozen new hard to be chopped again.


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