World’s Largest Collections of Dragon Ball Memorabilia 2020

he’s guesstimating between $12,000 to $15,000 for a collection that now has a $30,000 value

This might be the Biggest Collection of Dragon Ball Memorabilia

We at Gudindo As one of the big fans of dragon ball franchise this collection was make my eyes go green! That’s really awesome, a lot of son goku action figure, starting from his childhood until the latest ultra instinct form it’s not just a toys but it’s a legend.

world's largest dragon ball collection
Richie Shia Dragon Ball Collection

Dragon Ball Action figures might be the best present for those who loves the anime, here’s a short story about Richie Shia a youtuber from shia hauls channel who has a lot of dragon ball action figures, he have been collecting Dragon Ball Memorabilia for 5.5 years.


In his Video richie arrange all of his dragon ball memorabilia based on each dragon ball saga, so we start from earlier dragon ball series, then continue to saiyan saga, freeza saga, android saga, buu saga and then finally the Dragon Ball Super Saga. we can see many memorable scene from each saga there on his collections which is really amazing. only an avid fans of dragon ball would do that.

richie shia dragon ball collection
Goku vs Kid Buu Ending Scene

How many is Richie’s Dragon Ball Collections?

We think that you will find a hard time looking for the proper descriptive word while gasping at the immeasurable size of his Dragon Ball collection. Immeasurable. Maybe because Richie didn’t bother to count when he started collecting, and it has gotten to the point that it’s impossible to start and finish counting

The majority of his dragon ball action figures were purchased locally in Japan. He also said if There’s no better feeling then going out to nearby stores and discovering figures you don’t own.

dragon ball collection ricghe shia
Super Saiyan God Goku Vs Beerus

According to the nerdelement blog, richie said that In total, he’s guesstimating between $12,000 to $15,000 for a collection that now has a $30,000 value. That’s close to 4,000,000 Japanese Yen. You can buy a car with that amount, or a decent down payment for a house!


The Largest Collection of Dragon Ball Memorabilia Listed on Guinness World of Records

According to guinnes world records, The largest collection of Dragon Ball memorabilia consists of 10,098 items and was achieved by Hitoshi Uchida (Japan) in Kita, Tokyo, Japan, on 18 June 2019.

Hitoshi even has an entire room dedicated to 4,000 Son Goku items!

Watch his Video Below

So what do you think of his collection?

Where to Buy Dragon Ball Action Figures Online?

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